“I’m merely pointing out the word ‘genetic female’ is utterly vacuous. I can offhand think off three ways in which a person whose karyotype is XY ends up with breasts, vulva, vagina. You wouldn’t know from seeing that person. Is this a man or a woman?

I can think of two ways in which a character with two X chromosomes ends up with a penis. Is this a man or a woman?

You are making distinctions that do not exist and ignoring those that do. You are using words you do not understand to make assertions that anyone who does know about them could demolish in 30 seconds.

I may not know gender theory or queer theory, but I have studied genetics. I have worked in a lab. I have isolated, cloned and sequenced genes (well, one gene). I am published in the scientific literature. And I can tell when someone writes shit she does not understand. And that is what I see from the radical feminists in this thread.”