Go behind the scenes of this week’s crime caper of an episode with Doctor Who Extra!

Spoiler alert! This contains some scenes from Time Heist, so make sure you’ve seen the episode before watching!



"Ghostbusters" starring Mindy Kaling, America Ferrera, Aubrey Plaza, and Rebel Wilson


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request by anon ▬ Could you possibly do a gifset where Natasha and Steve don’t exactly understand what Bucky is going through post Cap 2, but Clint does, and helps him through it?

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Here be my first proper graphite drawing of Sherlock, spectacularly portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch! Much like Colin Morgan, he’s a unique and unconventionally attractive face that I can’t help but draw… (MY ART TAG)


"When I say run…"

In case it’s hard to tell, or you haven’t seen s2e1 of Sherlock, that’s Benedict Cumberbatch under all that fabric! He has intriguing eyes, and I wanted to draw them (or one) so I thought this particular scene would be perfect to reference. Anyone else wonder how he was able to take on so many armed men… with just a machete? XD 

Graphite on Moleskine watercolour paper, with editing and colour addition in Photoshop. (MY ART TAG)


Some more work for Let’s Draw Sherlock! (Thank you for all the lovely praise for my first piece; glad it entertained!) These are portraits of John and Sherlock that depict moments surrounding The Fall - based on Leonardo da Vinci’s “Study of a Woman” and “Study of a Figure for the Battle of Anghiari”. I began with plain pencil sketches, then had fun messing with them in Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop. (MY ART TAG)